Cast & Directors

Here you'll find shortcut links to look up films reviewed on this blog by actors, actresses, and directors who worked on these classic films.

Agar, John
Armstrong, Robert
Atwill, Lionel
Avalon, Frankie
Barrymore, Lionel
Beirute, Yerye
Bennett, Bruce
Bissell, Whit
Blore, Eric
Brady, Scott
Bruce, Nigel

Anders, Merry
Ankers, Evelyn
Arenas, Rosita
Coates, Phyllis
Court, Hazel
Currie, Louise
Farmer, Suzan
Garland, Beverly
Gray, Carole
Gwynne, Anne
Hart, Susan
Arnold, Jack
Bava, Mario
Beaudine, William
Browning, Tod
Buchanan, Larry
Cahn, Edward L.
Carreras, Michael
Castle, William
Clemens, William
Corman, Roger
Dmytryk, Edward
Douglas, Gordon
Fisher, Terence
Fox, Wallace
Francis, Freddie
Gilling, John
Goodwins, Leslie
Gordon, Bert I.
Grinde, Nick
Haskin, Byron
Hessler, Gordon
Hewitt, David L.
Hill, Jack
Honda, Ishiro
Ibanez, Juan
Juran, Nathan
King, George
Knowles, Bernard
Landers, Lew
Lang, Fritz
LeBorg, Reginald
Lederman, D. Ross
Lyon, Francis D.
Margheriti, Antonio
McGann, William
Neill, Roy William
Neumann, Kurt
Newfield, Sam
Pichel, Irving
Portillo, Rafael
Schoedsack, Ernest B.
Sharp, Don
Sholem, Lee
Smith, Noel M.
Stoloff, Ben
Strock, Herbert L.
Tourneur, Jacques
Ulmer, Edgar G.
Van Dyke, W.S.
Waggner, George
Whale, James
Wise, Robert
Yarbrough, Jean
Young, Harold
Yuasa, Noriaki

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