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Other Contributors

A film isn't the work of merely the actors in front of the camera and the director behind it, but also represent the combined efforts of numerous craftsmen in the areas of story, photography, music, editing, and more.  Here you'll find some prime examples of films enhanced by the contributions of these talented individuals whose work should not go unnoticed.

William Alland  producer
Creature From The Black Lagoon, It Came From Outer Space, The Mole PeopleTarantula

Les Baxter  music composer
Dr. Goldfoot And The Bikini MachineDr. Goldfoot And The Girl BombsThe Ghost In The Invisible Bikini, MacabrePajama PartyThe RavenVoodoo Island

James Bernard  music composer
The Curse Of FrankensteinThe Devil's BrideDracula Has Risen From The Grave, Dracula: Prince Of DarknessFrankenstein Created WomanFrankenstein Must Be Destroyed, The Gorgon, Horror Of DraculaThe Hound Of The BaskervillesThe Plague Of The Zombies, The Quatermass ExperimentShe, Taste The Blood Of DraculaTorture Garden

Herman Cohen  writer/producer
BerserkI Was A Teenage FrankensteinI Was A Teenage Werewolf

Arthur Edeson  director of photography
Frankenstein, The Invisible ManThe Maltese Falcon

Karl Freund  director of photography

Ray Harryhausen  special effects/stop motion animator

Bernard Herrmann  music composer
The Day The Earth Stood Still, Journey To The Center Of The EarthPsycho

James Wong Howe  director of photography
Mark Of The VampireSecondsThe Thin Man

Sam Katzman  producer
Bowery At MidnightBoys Of The CityThe Corpse Vanishes, Jack ArmstrongMysterious Island, SupermanVoodoo Man

Robert E. Kent  writer/producer
The Case Of The Black Parrot, Curse Of The Faceless ManDiary Of A Madman, Find The BlackmailerThe Flight That Disappeared, Invisible Invaders, It! The Terror From Beyond SpaceTower Of LondonTwice-Told TalesZombies On Broadway

Richard Landau  screenwriter
The Quatermass ExperimentVoodoo Island

Val Lewton  writer/producer
The Body Snatcher, Cat PeopleThe Ghost Ship, I Walked With A ZombieThe Seventh Victim

Richard Matheson  screenwriter
Burn, Witch, BurnThe Devil's BrideThe Raven

Willis O'Brien  special effects/stop motion animator
The Black ScorpionKing KongMighty Joe Young

Bernard Robinson  production designer/art director
Crimes At The Dark House, The Curse Of FrankensteinThe Curse Of The Mummy's TombThe Devil's Bride, Dracula Has Risen From The GraveDracula: Prince Of Darkness, Five Million Years To EarthFrankenstein Created Woman, Frankenstein Must Be DestroyedThe Gorgon, Horror Of DraculaThe Hound Of The BaskervillesManiac, The MummyThe Mummy's Shroud, The Plague Of The ZombiesRasputin: The Mad Monk!, The Reptile, The Revenge Of FrankensteinThe Witches

Hans J. Salter  music composer/arranger
The Black Cat, Creature From The Black LagoonMan Made MonsterThe Mummy's HandThe Mystery Of Marie RogetThe Wolf Man

Curt Siodmak  screenwriter
I Walked With A ZombieRiders To The StarsThe Wolf Man

Frank Skinner  music composer/arranger
The Black CatThe Mummy's Ghost, The Mummy's HandThe Naked City, Son Of FrankensteinWho Done It?The Wolf Man

Ronald Stein  music composer
Attack Of The 50 Foot WomanBlood BathCurse Of The Swamp Creature, The Eye Creatures, Ghost Of Dragstrip HollowThe Haunted Palace, Invasion Of The Saucer Men, It Conquered The WorldMars Needs Women, Spider Baby, The Underwater CityVoyage To The Prehistoric PlanetZontar, The Thing From Venus

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