Friday, January 18, 2013

The Atomic Brain (1963)

Starring Marjorie Eaton, Frank Gerstle, Frank Fowler, Erika Peters, Judy Bamber
Directed by Joseph Mascelli
(actor & director credits courtesy

A wealthy spinster recruits a scientist to transplant her brain into the body of one of three young women she holds captive in her home.

Definitely not the finest hour for any of the cast or crew, this is a low budget independent horror film with a story that's a little bit too outlandish to create any genuine terror.  Co-writer and producer Jack Pollexfen, who had some better films to his credit in The Man From Planet X and Daughter Of Dr. Jekyll misses here, but it's not unwatchable, and lovers of bad cinema might well find this film to be a hoot.  Dean Dillman, Jr., also a writer and producer on the film, was the brother of Oscar-nominated actor Bradford Dillman, and IMDB credits Bradford as the unbilled narrator of the movie, no doubt a favor to his brother, who according to IMDB, never made another movie.

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