Thursday, February 14, 2013

Spaceflight IC-1 (1965)

Starring Bill Williams, Kathleen Breck, John Cairney, Donald Churchill, Jeremy Longhurst
Directed by Bernard Knowles
(actor & director credits courtesy

One year into a twenty-five year journey to a new planet, a spaceship's crew starts to rebel against their captain's strict demands.

Using the spaceship as a microcosm to illustrate humanity's fight for freedom against an oppressive government, this sci-fi drama casts the captain in the role of dictator, who refuses to turn back when a crew member becomes deathly ill, and denies any requests for a democratic vote.  It's an intriguing premise, and the filmmakers rightly center the film around the actors' performances, employing only pedestrian special effects to maintain the futuristic setting.  The cast are fine throughout,  and the screenplay smartly casts certain characters as ready to revolt, while others are supportive of the current regime, with the rest simply wanting to follow along and not make waves, as would be the case in any similar society.

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