Monday, March 4, 2013

Die, Monster, Die! (1965)

Starring Boris Karloff, Nick Adams, Freda Jackson, Suzan Farmer, Terence de Marney
Directed by Daniel Haller
(actor & director credits courtesy

A young man travels to visit his girlfriend at her ancestral home, where he discovers her mother is gravely ill, and her father, engaged in strange experiments, warns him to leave immediately.

According to IMDB, this was Daniel Haller's directorial debut, coming after a long career as an art director for American International Pictures, adapting a short story by writer H.P. Lovecraft.  Although Wikipedia points out that the film only "loosely" adapts Lovecraft's story, with many differences in characters and plot details, it's interesting to see Haller combine both sci-fi and horror elements in guiding this picture to its climax.  It's by no means a great movie, but Karloff's screen presence is always engaging, and the film showcases some nice scares and worthy special effects.

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