Friday, August 16, 2013

The Mighty Gorga (1969)

Starring Anthony Eisley, Megan Timothy, Scott Brady, Kent Taylor, Gary Kent
Directed by David L. Hewitt
(actor & director credits courtesy

A struggling circus owner desperate for a new star attraction travels to Africa in search of a legendary giant gorilla.

Borrowing more than a little from King Kong, this low budget effort can't hope to duplicate the classic film's production values, and can only offer unconvincing jungle sets and laughable special effects.  The mighty Gorga himself is an actor in a gorilla suit with such an expressionless mask, the beast seems to be in a perpetual daze, adding unintentional comedy to the proceedings.  Nevertheless I enjoyed this film- there are good actors in the cast, and the contrast between their serious performances and the inept creature effects make this a good bit of fun.

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