Thursday, October 3, 2013

Most Dangerous Man Alive (1961)

Starring Ron Randell, Debra Paget, Elaine Stewart, Anthony Caruso, Gregg Palmer
Directed by Allan Dwan
(actor & director credits courtesy

A gangster caught in an atomic blast not only survives it, but finds it has mingled his atoms with that of a steel tower, turning him into an indestructible man.

Not a film too distinguished in any regard but nevertheless still very watchable, this low-budget effort from veteran director Dwan could have been something special had more money been put into the makeup or effects, although a scene where Randell is electrocuted still comes off pretty well.  The story's paper thin and some of the dialogue is near comical, but a strength is the fine casting, with Caruso perfect as a mob boss, Paget and Stewart very lovely as the ladies in Randell's life, and Tudor Owen a nice fit as the scientist trying to help him.  Ultimately, the low budget dooms the film, with stock footage taking over at the climax, but I still enjoyed it.

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