Friday, February 13, 2015

The Ghost Ship (1943)

Starring Richard Dix, Russell Wade, Edith Barrett, Ben Bard, Edmund Glover
Directed by Mark Robson
(actor & director credits courtesy

A young third officer spends his first berth at sea aboard a ship whose captain may be responsible for murdering one of his men.  

Although produced by Val Lewton, and often packaged with his other horror films made for the RKO studio, this is more of a straight thriller, but ties into the same psychological themes Lewton was known for.  It's one of his slighter movies in my opinion, with too short a running time to build much suspense, although there's some atmospheric scenes and charming songs from RKO contract player & calypso singer Sir Lancelot.  Wade's role is so similar to his part in Lewton's The Body Snatcher, it's easy to see why he was cast in that film two years later.  

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