Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Revenge Of The Zombies (1943)

Starring John Carradine, Gale Storm, Robert Lowery, Bob Steele, Mantan Moreland
Directed by Steve Sekely
(actor & director credits courtesy

After his sister's unexpected death, her brother takes a detective to her husband's home in the swamps, where bodies seem to disappear and zombies are walking the grounds.

Despite the title and the presence of Moreland, this is not a sequel to 1941's King Of The Zombies, which was also produced by studio Monogram Pictures, but has a similar plot, and Moreland again provides the comic relief, although he's not quite as amusing as he was in the previous film.  Although Moreland is probably not regarded favorably by many due to playing stereotypes throughout his career, he certainly had a talent for delivering rapid-fire one-liners, and has plenty of them here.  As a zombie picture, the film doesn't quite deliver the goods, with the walking dead having an exaggerated robot-like gait, but it's fun in its own way with a silly call for the zombies uttered by several characters, and Carradine appropriately grim and obsessed as the film's mad scientist.

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