Friday, July 15, 2016

Cat-Women Of The Moon (1953)

Starring Sonny Tufts, Victor Jory, Marie Windsor, Bill Phipps, Douglas Fowley
Directed by Arthur Hilton
(actor & director credits courtesy

The crew of a new space rocket journey from the Earth to the moon, where they encounter a race of beautiful women, who hold a strange power over their female navigator.

One of the first films to add some sex appeal to science fiction, it's here in spades with the slinky cat-women of this picture who lure the film's men into a tempting trap, although Jory, surprisingly with a bigger role than top-billed Tufts, doesn't trust them.  There's more than a few sexist situations in the film, notably a scene in which Windsor is more concerned with brushing her hair while her male companions set to their duties aboard ship, but these seem pretty innocent compared to the innuendoes of present day productions.  Fans of 1950s sci-fi will appreciate the giant spider creatures and detailed matte paintings, and the movie's status as one of the few science fiction pictures of the era to be filmed in 3-D, although other than a couple of meteors, not too much is thrown at the audience.

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