Sunday, August 28, 2016

Shadow On The Wall (1950)

Starring Ann Sothern, Zachary Scott, Gigi Perreau, Nancy Davis, Kristine Miller
Directed by Pat Jackson
(actor & director credits courtesy

After murdering her conniving sister, a woman allows her brother-in-law to be convicted of the crime, but fears a psychiatrist treating her niece may stumble across the truth.

An interesting suspense thriller from MGM, most notable for the casting of Sothern as the murderer, after having starred as the spunky heroine Maisie in a series of films for the studio.  Although she does well in the part, Nancy Davis (Reagan), future First Lady of the United States, gives perhaps the most impressive performance, as the dedicated and impassioned psychiatrist trying to determine what the young girl saw.  I thought the "shadow on the wall," which presents the key to unraveling the crime, could have been handled a bit more subtly, but overall this is an entertaining picture.

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