Friday, November 8, 2013

Green Eyes (1934)

Starring Shirley Grey, Charles Starrett, Claude Gillingwater, John Wray, William Bakewell
Directed by Richard Thorpe
(actor & director credits courtesy

A costume party at a wealthy man's estate is interrupted by his murder, and as the police investigate, one of the guests, a writer of detective stories, tries to solve the case on his own.

This densely plotted mystery isn't a bad one, but could really use something more, lacking a music score, a dynamic performance, or anything imaginative as far as the photography or direction.  As it stands, the film hinges almost solely on dialogue between the characters to advance the story, and although the movie moves along at a brisk pace, I found it difficult to hold back a yawn.  It's still an efficient mystery that keeps you guessing, but the filmmakers could have used much more imagination in filming this story.

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