Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Blood Runs Cold (1965)

Starring Troy Donahue, Joey Heatherton, Barry Sullivan, Nicolas Coster, Jeanette Nolan
Directed by William Conrad
(actor & director credits courtesy

A reckless young heiress encounters a mysterious young man who claims they were lovers in a past life, and once he starts producing evidence of their past, she begins to believe and fall in love with him.

Although this mystery could use more red herrings and I was able to guess its conclusion well before the midway point, it's entertainingly presented and young actors Donahue and Heatherton have the necessary chemistry for their roles.  The supporting cast is quite adept as well with Sullivan, Nolan, and Coster all bringing their characters to life in quality turns.  Although the film's climax is ultimately predictable, Conrad does a good job of keeping the film well-paced and weaving in what suspense he can.

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