Friday, August 28, 2015

Donovan's Brain (1953)

Starring Lew Ayres, Gene Evans, Nancy Davis, Steve Brodie, Tom Powers
Directed by Felix Feist
(actor & director credits courtesy

After failing to save a wealthy man's life, a scientist steals his brain for further research, unsuspecting of the power it will soon wield over him.

One of several film adaptations of Hollywood screenwriter Curt Siodmak's novel of the same name, this is probably the best of the bunch, featuring a strong performance by Ayres as the kindly scientist whose mind is taken over by the brain and transformed into a ruthless industrialist.  Gene Evans and future First Lady Nancy Davis (Reagan) are good in supporting roles, and Feist and crew cleverly expand the brain's size when it's advancing its evil agenda, and shrink it back down when dormant, accompanied by appropriate sound effects.

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