Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hand Of Death (1962)

Starring John Agar, Paula Raymond, Steve Dunne, Roy Gordon, John Alonzo
Directed by Gene Nelson
(actor & director credits courtesy

A scientist trying to perfect a nerve gas that will eliminate the need for nuclear weapons has an accident that turns him into a grotesque murdering monster.

Not much of substance here, but I still found the film to be a fun and entertaining sci-fi/horror potboiler, with Agar as always a fine lead for this type of picture.  Although the first half of the film is more interesting then the second, which turns into a a standard "monster on the run" outing, the creature makeup is very good, and composer Sonny Burke adds an effective and eerie score.  The picture's also of interest for others in the cast, including future "Eddie Munster" Butch Patrick, "Three Stooges" veteran Joe Besser, and John Alonzo, who would later become an award-winning cinematographer.

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