Thursday, January 14, 2016

Dark Intruder (1965)

Starring Leslie Nielsen, Mark Richman, Judi Meredith, Gilbert Green, Charles Bolender
Directed by Harvey Hart
(actor & director credits courtesy

A supernatural investigator works unofficially with the police to look into a series of murders by a gruesome figure who leaves behind an ancient Sumerian artifact with each killing.

Although released in theaters, Wikipedia indicates that this film was actually a pilot for a television series which was never made, which presumably would have featured Nielsen solving supernatural crimes each week.  It's a shame, because the pilot shows great promise with strong production values, creepy photography, and an appropriately unsettling music score by Lalo Schifrin.  Running just under an hour, it's unfortunate that it wasn't expanded into a longer feature, as it could have been even better with more time to wind us through the story's twists and turns.  What remains though is still quite entertaining, with an engaging screenplay by Barre Lyndon.

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