Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fingers At The Window (1942)

Starring Lew Ayres, Laraine Day, Basil Rathbone, Walter Kingsford, Miles Mander
Directed by Charles Lederer
(actor & director credits courtesy

An out-of-work actor comes to the rescue of a lady stalked by a man with an ax, the latest would-be victim in a series of murders by different killers, and he tries to determine how they're connected.  

MGM delivers a fun and entertaining thriller with many talented thespians in the cast, highlighted by Ayres' charming and selfless hero, Day's slightly daffy leading lady, and Rathbone's sinister villain. Although the subject matter is rather grisly and disturbing, with ax murders and the exploitation of the mentally ill central to the screenplay, the film does not come of as such with plenty of light hearted moments balancing out the grim ones.  This is a fun and diverting picture.

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