Monday, June 13, 2016

Dressed To Kill (1941)

Starring Lloyd Nolan, Mary Beth Hughes, Sheila Ryan, William Demarest, Ben Carter
Directed by Eugene Forde
(actor & director credits courtesy

On the eve of his wedding, private detective Michael Shayne puts his nuptials on hold to investigate a double murder at his fiancee's hotel.

The third of the Michael Shayne mystery movies starring Nolan put out by 20th Century Fox, it's a good looking and well-polished whodunit, and Nolan is in good form as the amiable detective who solves the crime but can't avoid some hard luck.  There's some good chuckles to be had as well, as Shayne amusingly tampers with the crime scene before alerting the police, and causes trouble for Demarest as Inspector Pierson, whose temper reaches a boiling point like all the policemen in these types of movies.  Although the movie shows its age in the stereotypes played by Ben Carter and Mantan Moreland, it's still entertaining and makes me more than willing to check out the other Shayne films.

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