Sunday, June 19, 2016

Zeta One (1969)

Starring James Robertson Justice, Charles Hawtrey, Robin Hawdon, Anna Gael, Brigitte Skay
Directed by Michael Cort
(actor & director credits courtesy

A secret agent becomes involved in a mission to trace a young woman kidnapped by a race of beautiful women from outer space.

This picture is one of the most misogynistic movies I've ever seen, featuring rampant female nudity, and distasteful torture scenes involving the female characters.  Obviously intended to titillate the male audience, it starts off rather successfully in that department, but there's no inventiveness in the story or staging to sustain the patience of even a viewer looking for cheap thrills over the course of the film.  Justice is a charming enough lead and Yutte Stensgaard makes a memorable impact in the film's framing sequences, which makes it a little more perplexing while she's not in more of the film.  The filmmakers also waste opportunities to take advantage of the sci-fi setting, making for a pedestrian film hoping to hold the audience's interest with little more than the lovely ladies it disrobes.

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