Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Spook Chasers (1957)

Starring Huntz Hall, Stanley Clements, Darlene Fields, David Gorcey, Jimmy Murphy
Directed by George Blair
(actor & director credits courtesy IMDB.com)

The Bowery Boys help Clancy who runs their favorite lunch counter to find a home in the country to relax his nerves, only it's run down and supposedly haunted by a dead gangster.

One of the later Bowery Boys films after Leo Gorcey had left the series, this entry relies on the comedic shtick of Huntz Hall to carry the picture with Gorcey's replacement, Stanley Clements, serving more as a straight man.  This is mostly accomplished through silly dialogue until they get to the "haunted house," when some more amusing physical comedy starts to come into play.  The audience has likely seen all this before in better pictures, and this isn't one of the Boys' better efforts, but it's such an amiable effort by all concerned, I can't criticize the movie too harshly.  Fans of the Boys should find enough to enjoy.

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