Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Vengeance Of Fu Manchu (1967)

Starring Christopher Lee, Douglas Wilmer, Tsai Chin, Horst Frank, Noel Trevarthen
Directed by Jeremy Summers
(actor & director credits courtesy

The nefarious Fu Manchu launches a new plot for vengeance against Scotland Yard commissioner Nayland Smith, which involves replacing Smith with a surgically altered double.

Third in the series starring Christopher Lee as Sax Rohmer's Chinese master criminal, this film features a new director, Jeremy Summers, replacing the previous film's Don Sharp, who had a talent for staging action sequences.  The fights are still well-choreographed, although the focus on Smith's double makes this production perhaps a bit less exciting, and there's some notable plot holes in Harry Alan Towers' screenplay.  Fans of the previous Fu Manchu movies should still find enough color and action to suit their tastes, but should be forewarned Lee doesn't have much screen time.

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