Monday, July 29, 2013

The Blood Beast Terror (1968)

Starring Peter Cushing, Robert Flemyng, Wanda Ventham, Vanessa Howard, David Griffin
Directed by Vernon Sewell
(actor & director credits courtesy

A police inspector investigates a series of gruesome killings that have taken place near the home of a scientist studying insects, but unbeknownst to the inspector, one of the scientist's experiments may be responsible.

A fun British B-movie with some impressive creature effects, this film offers a fairly straightforward role for the distinguished Cushing as the inspector, but his screen presence is always welcome.  Although the premise is utterly fantastic, the performances of Cushing and a good supporting cast, including a nice turn by Ventham as the scientist's predatory daughter, keep things moving along well, and the screenplay adds enough touches of humor to add some comic relief from the sinister goings-on.  It's probably not among the best movies of its type, but it's still a fun horror film.

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