Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Lost Continent (1968)

Starring Eric Porter, Hildegard Knef, Suzanna Leigh, Tony Beckley, Nigel Stock
Directed by Michael Carreras
(actor & director credits courtesy

A steamship carrying dangerous cargo and desperate passengers loses its way in a storm, and finds itself in a graveyard of ships surrounded by perilous living weeds and ravenous creatures.

Something of an offbeat sci-fi adventure from Hammer Films, more reputed for their horror pictures, this isn't a great movie, with few interesting subplots fashioned for the passengers aboard ship, but once they get to the ship graveyard, things liven up a bit, with some intriguing creature effects and worthwhile villainy from the descendants of participants in the Spanish Inquisition.  A greater focus on the graveyard and how it came to be would have served the movie better, as most of the characters are stereotypes and their personal dramas not well fleshed out.  Still, it's enjoyable as a time-passer and worth seeing as a fairly unique departure from the Hammer studio's usual output.

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