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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women (1968)

Starring Mamie Van Doren, Mary Marr, Paige Lee, Aldo Romani, Margot Hartman
Directed by Derek Thomas
(actor & director credits courtesy

Astronauts from Earth discover evidence of intelligent life on Venus, but face terrible dangers in their search on that prehistoric world.

One has to question why this movie was even made, as it essentially is re-presenting the Russian film Planeta Burg with newly filmed scenes for American audiences, exactly as was done before in the 1965 film Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet.  Although this movie's new sequences center around the alien women that were previously only hinted at in that film, (and apparently the Russian original), what's added is nothing worthwhile.  Van Doren and her fellow actresses portray a race of telepathic women with no civilization, causing the perils the astronauts face by praying to their primitive gods.  The film's most notable for the involvement of Peter Bogdanovich, who narrates the movie and according to IMDB, directed it, under the alias of Derek Thomas.

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