Friday, April 12, 2013

The Blood Drinkers (1964)

Starring Ronald Remy, Amalia Fuentes, Eddie Fernandez, Eva Montes, Celia Rodriguez
Directed by Gerardo de Leon
(actor & director credits courtesy

A vampire in love with a dying woman preys upon her family members to get the blood and organs he needs to save her life.

This vampire film from the Phillipines, although undoubtedly possessing style and some haunting visuals, was a bit too meandering for my taste, frequently shifting from black-and-white photography to color to red-tinted scenes for the vampire's attacks, and jumping between scenes that seemed almost randomly assembled together.  I understand the filmmakers were probably doing this intentionally to create an unnerving effect, but it made it difficult for me to become absorbed in the story.  Fight scenes bordering on the wacky and an unconvincing bat-creature effect also are to the film's detriment.  Still, it's not unwatchable and Remy is impressive as the vampire.

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