Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Faceless Monster (1965)

Starring Barbara Steele, Paul Miller, Helga Line, Lawrence Clift, John McDouglas
Directed by Allen Grunewald
(actor & director credits courtesy

A scientist murders his unfaithful wife and remarries her sister in order to hold onto her family inheritance, but the sister soon begins to experience visions of her husband's crimes.

Also known as Nightmare Castle, this is another Italian horror film starring the lovely Barbara Steele, who gets to display her range in playing the dual role of the salacious murdered wife, Muriel, and her more innocent pure-hearted sister, Jenny.  In addition to the horror story which culminates in the manifestation of Muriel's ghost, out for revenge, there are sci-fi elements, with the scientist using Muriel's blood to restore the youth of the maid who betrayed her mistress to him.  Although Steele is fascinating to watch, and this is a memorable gothic horror piece, the film drags somewhat as it winds towards its climax.

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