Saturday, April 20, 2013

The War Of The Planets (1966)

Starring Tony Russell, Lisa Gastoni, Franco Nero, Carlo Giustini, Enzo Fiermonte
Directed by Anthony Dawson
(actor & director credits courtesy

Earth's orbiting space stations are attacked by strange cloud-like beings whose ultimate aim is the possession of every human body on Earth.

Featuring the same sci-fi settings and characters as the film The Wild, Wild Planet, Commander Mike Halstead and love interest Lieutenant Connie Gomez embark on another fantastic adventure.  The story is something of an anti-Communist Cold War parable, with the aliens stressing humanity should give in "for the good of the whole."  The special effects are more than passable this time out with effective visuals for the cloud creatures and well-done space walk scenes, but the action is largely confined to space station interiors.  I enjoyed revisiting these characters and the film is efficiently made, but The Wild, Wild Planet was a lot more fun.

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