Monday, April 15, 2013

The Psychopath (1966)

Starring Patrick Wymark, Margaret Johnston, John Standing, Alexander Knox, Judy Huxtable
Directed by Freddie Francis
(actor & director credits courtesy

A police inspector trails a serial killer who leaves dolls behind that resemble his victims, who may all be connected to a crime that occurred twenty years earlier.

We have here an entertaining mystery/horror film from Britain's Amicus studio that opens with a memorable title sequence uniting pieces of dolls creepily presented with vacant holes for eyes, underscored with a childlike but sinister music box melody, setting the stage for what's to come.  Director Francis expertly builds suspense as each murder takes place, and although we discover the identity of the killer about midway through the film (or think we do), there's still some shocking twists to come.  It's a great film to watch on a dark and stormy night.

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