Sunday, May 5, 2013

Castle Of Evil (1966)

Starring Scott Brady, Virginia Mayo, David Brian, Lisa Gaye, Hugh Marlowe
Directed by Francis D. Lyon
(actor & director credits courtesy

A ruthless scientist's heirs gather at his island sanctuary to discover he is dead, but that he blames one of them for his death, and that he will obtain his revenge from beyond the grave.

Not a great movie, or even a particularly good one, but I found it to be a welcome time-passer with enough sci-fi and horror elements to keep me interested.  The cast of Hollywood veterans is a plus, with Brady, Mayo, and Marlowe providing worthy characterizations, but the film is heavier on exposition than action or suspense, although there's a few memorable creepy moments.  More mystery and atmosphere would have gone a long way, but it's still worth seeing.

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