Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Chamber Of Horrors (1966)

Starring Patrick O'Neal, Cesare Danova, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Laura Devon, Patrice Wymore
Directed by Hy Averback
(actor & director credits courtesy

The proprietors of a wax museum aid the police in successfully tracking down a psychotic murderer, but he escapes and plots revenge on all those who contributed to his capture and trial.

Having read the synopsis of this film before seeing it, I had thought it was going to be a grisly horror shocker with much blood splattered on the screen, and was delighted to discover despite its subject matter, it turned out to be something far lighter and much more enjoyable.  Although O'Neal's one-handed killer is a true sadist, executing his revenge with a variety of deadly appendages affixed to his arm, most of the violence is kept off camera, and deflated by warnings to the audience in a memorable gimmick.  The filmmakers balance the sinister goings on with romantic adventures for Danova and Devon, who could not be lovelier, and welcome humor from Hyde-White.  In fact, the entire cast is wonderful, and William Lava's score nicely captures the fun of this memorable and entertaining film.

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