Friday, May 31, 2013

One Million Years B.C. (1966)

Starring Raquel Welch, John Richardson, Percy Herbert, Robert Brown, Martine Beswick
Directed by Don Chaffey
(actor & director credits courtesy

At the dawn of human civilization, a caveman leaves his savage tribe and falls for a beautiful woman from another tribe.

I'm not a big fan of caveman movies, but this one's not bad, a remake of 1940's One Million B.C., which juxtaposed caveman Victor Mature with menaces largely portrayed by ordinary lizards projected to sizes of tremendous proportions.  The effects here are a major step up, featuring realistic dinosaurs animated by the great Ray Harryhausen, which enlivens this film considerably, although the producers still make room for a lizard projection.  Stars Raquel Welch and John Richardson are also assets to the production, but I wish the filmmakers would have employed far more narration to explain their story, as some of the motivation behind the characters' actions is a little confusing to understand.

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