Saturday, May 4, 2013

Way...Way Out (1966)

Starring Jerry Lewis, Connie Stevens, Robert Morley, Dennis Weaver, Howard Morris
Directed by Gordon Douglas
(actor & director credits courtesy

A reluctant astronaut is assigned to live on the moon for a year, but must first marry a qualified female scientist to take with him.

An unfunny misfire from comedian Jerry Lewis, it's rather surprising he went through with this film, playing a fairly straight-laced character as opposed to his more wacky creations.  Although a fine veteran cast is on hand, including Connie Stevens as an attractive feminine foil for Lewis, the material is beneath them, and the sci-fi setting is hardly taken advantage of for comic effect.  The film does offer a fairly solid framework for what could have been a memorable farce, but fails to follow through on the possibilities.

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